Laudco uncovers reliable evidence about your competitors.

Whether you want to understand your competitors’ current performance or their plans for the future, we can find the data and the first-hand accounts that can reveal these priceless insights.

Our analysts are well known for having the persistence and the expertise to access the hard-to-find data that empowers organizations to act with confidence. Our researchers conduct original interviews with key people and sift through public data sources to build a complete picture of your competitors and their products, customers, leadership, strategy, and markets

What is competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis or competitive intelligence is a strategic assessment of who your competitors are and how their products, positioning, strengths, and weaknesses compare to your brand. It’s an analysis that helps you answer competitive research questions like:

  • Where does our brand stand?
  • What can we do that’s the same as our competitors?
  • What can we do that’s different from our competitors?
  • What are the opportunities in our market?
  • What can we do to beat competitors?
  • Where do we need to focus?

Competitive analysis is more effective when it is really focused – and in such a way that leads directly and quickly to real business improvement. You can do this by ‘benchmarking’ your business against competitors.

How will competitor analysis help my business?

Competitive analysis can help you:

  • understand the marketplace conditions in your industry
  • refine your business strategic direction
  • spot gaps in the market
  • spot opportunities for differentiating your products and services
  • analyse competitor’s product development initiatives

How we gather competitive intelligence?

At Laudco, research, insight and analytics stand at the heart of all our competitive intelligence reporting. Insight into what makes a product, business initiative or government policy work is often the hidden – yet defining – factor between success and failure. It is our sector that provides the deeper intelligence needed for businesses today.

Here is a definition of the market and social research from Laudco’s Code of Conduct:

“Research is the collection, use, or analysis of information about individuals or organizations intended to establish facts, acquire knowledge or reach conclusions. It uses techniques of the applied social, behavioral and data sciences, statistical principles, and theory, to generate insights and support decision-making by providers of goods and services, governments, non-profit organizations, and the general public.” 

In association with Karnataka Digital Consultancy Council (KDCC), Indian Chambers of Commerce for Women (WICCI) and Women Economic Forum (WEF), Laudco is one of India’s recognised professional bodies for research, insight & analytics. We have over 5,000 individual members and over 200 accredited Company partners in over 50 countries who are committed to delivering outstanding insight. As the regulator, we promote the highest professional standards throughout the sector via Laudco’s Code of Conduct.

Some of the tools we use

Pi Datametrics


Brandwatch Audiences


Open Link Profiler




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